Tarifa is the most southerly town in mainland Europe, only 14km from Africa across the Straits of Gibraltar on the Costa de La Luz. It’s a 1,000-year-old walled labyrinth, with a youthful party scene and a world-class kitesurfing and windsurfing destination.

The winds for which it is famous, from the east and west, have made the area one of the primary windsurfing and kiteboarding spots both in Europe and the world. Tarifa has a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere, with plenty of restaurants, chiringuitos, tapas bars, live music and world class DJs to enjoy.

Most come for the exceptional landscape and light; approximately 60% of the Tarifa is protected between two natural parks; the wild mountainous cork oak forests and the UNESCO protected Straits of Gibraltar. The 14km of pristine white beaches from Tarifa town until Bolonia can be walked, passing Bolonia’s natural water baths and reaching the momentous sand dune which is 30 metres high in Bolonia.

Often described as an adventure playground, Tarifa has so many exciting sports on offer; with world-class downhill mountain biking, SUP down-winders, Surfing, mountain climbing in Betis, hiking, tuna fishing, tennis and horse riding on the beach.

The ideal place for nature lovers, due to its unique location where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic, it’s where migratory birds meet before making the journey from one continent to the other, thus allowing ornithologists to enjoy impressive views of birdlife.

The marine currents and the special underwater geography of the Strait of Gibraltar attract up to six different species of cetaceans which can be observed throughout the year. The many local boat trips regularly provide a chance to observe these whales, dolphins, and porpoises in their natural habitat.

A truly unique place with a special energy that attracts people from all over the world. Once a Moroccan stronghold its name is a derivative of its Arab name Al Yazirat Tarif (the Island of Tarifa). Nowadays its community has swelled with surfers and horse riding enthusiasts who came and never left. Here you will find a mix of history, tradition, and modernity, all within a comfortably small area – Baelo Claudia is one of Andalucia´s most significant and well-preserved Roman archeological sites, dating back to 200 BC and whose existence is closely linked to trade with North Africa.

The climate is mild, with pleasant year-round temperatures and low rainfall, making it an ideal holiday destination any time of the year.

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